Armin lemon (no color pun intended)

Since my last post was Armin-centered, here is some Armin centered, sweetish, x reader smut (because that makes a logical conclusion of the topic, duh :))


The long ride had exhausted you more than you were willing to admit. Paired up with Armin, your task was to sweep the perimeter between your base and the furthest secured post to make sure the route was still passable. It was a chore that took most of a day, but unexpected problems with Armin’s horse made you lose valuable hours on your way back, so when you decided it was too perilous to drive the animals further in ever thicker dusk, your base was still nowhere in sight.

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Somebody left a comment once on one of my stories: “Armin totally has it in him to be a beast.”  which got me thinking outside the sexual insinuation it was implying.

Why? Because Armin is a clearly exceptionally intelligent and resourceful character who has been put down his whole life, bullied and looked down upon, and who has finally found THE thing he excels in. The only hitch is - the ‘thing’ Is a brilliant, scheming mind in the hands of a para-military troops in the state of (civil)war and a budding inclination to Machiavellism.

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Hello! I am a fan of your works from DA, and darn do I miss you and your smut fics. It's lucky that I found you here. :,( I am so sorry that you had to delete your works. I was thinking that maybe you should try and upload it on Archive of our Own, too? Only if you want, tho. Anyway, keep up the good work! ^^


Hi Anon, nice to see you again :) Thanks for the suggestion, but I am already ahead of you there:


I haven’t been writing anything new (busy, busy) but I think I will be adding to the collection soon. Do drop by :D

It’s Marco’s B-day

… so here is some Marco-centered lemon. Yaaay :)

Flying without wings

The dark haired youth deftly spun his twin wires towards marked tree trunks and propelled himself forward. You followed, grateful he took the front, clearing leaves and small branches out of your way with his blades. It was one of those things you liked about him, the little deeds that showed you he cared more that any words ever could.

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:) off topic but I wanted to share; Croatia (my homeland) is currently playing against hosting Brazil in the opening minutes of the first World cup soccer/football match. In case you are from a country that avidly plays football, you’ll know how big a deal it is.

So there was a goal for our side (yeah, I am not easily excited by this) and the atmosphere in the streets is like a crossover between New Year and World War II. It is past 10 PM here, it is a hot night and everyone has windows open so I basically do not need to turn the TV on to hear and see exactly what is happening.

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Jun 8

My OT3, again :)

Another smut fic I have written featuring Jean x reader x Marco in the original SnK universe. They are interconnected, however can be read separately.

Also, and ‘hunters and hare’ is this universe’s version of cops and robbers.

Between Two Fires

„We have too big a disadvantage.” Marco remarked coolly as he peeked outside to assess the situation. “I vote for staying put.”

“Yeah, the Sun is directly in our eyes.” Jean nodded, leaning out of the doorframe.  “We sure picked a lousy spot to hide. Now we have to wait out till every other team has cleared the area and hope to catch them from behind. If we’re lucky.“ He kicked at dirt with his boot and turned back inside. “Let’s hope they are stupider than we were.”

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Jun 5

Jean vs. Erwin as leaders

Jean is often described as a ‘natural leader’ explicitly and implicitly (latest example - the way Sasha and Connie are anticipating his decision on what course to take next regarding sticking to coup d’etat plan or splitting. I root for the latter, myself. Fly, you fools!), while Erwin already formally holds the position of an undisputed commander.

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Jun 5

Reali life lookalike

Is it just me or does this guy look like twentish Erwin to you too, with a hair style experimenting going on?

How DO you get to look so good??

(found at http://www.maxmayo.com/2012/05/2012-mens-hairstyle-trend-undercut-malaysia/)

Jun 1

My OT3 :)

There are several smut fics I have written featuring Jean x reader x Marco in the original SnK universe. They are interconnected, however can be read separately.

Enjoy :)

Two Times The Charm

Getting back on a horse after couple of days in bed wasn’t as bad as you expected it to be. Your back and ribcage were still stiff from the fall, but apart from contusions and scabs, the retracting wire that struck you didn’t leave permanent marks on your body. Luckily, red skid marks and bruises were all that was left from your training mishap. Now that you were finally on your feet again, the captain entrusted you with the task of delivering documentation to the town office and taking a couple of novices with you to show them around. You were grateful for being excused from drills for one more precious day and were mentally preparing yourself to answer all sorts of tedious questions from the novices. However, when you rode up to the gate in the garrison fence, the two mounted figures waiting for you looked familiar.

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Marco is such a sweet thing, isn’t he? :)

Ok, here is another lemon fic. Mind you, I LOVE this story, I can just see something like this happening *melts* :)

Hard candy

Sneaking out behind the stables and kissing with Marco in the comfortable gloom of the confined space you managed to find and keeping it your little secret became welcome a distraction from the horrors that lurked behind the walls. You have spent hours there, talking, touching laughing together, amounted minutes stolen away from your chores, from your sleep and your training. Your thoughts were constantly with him anyway, so you were restless whenever you were apart. Fleeting glances at each other that you managed to sneak during the day, just long enough to make an eye contact and an acknowledging smile, and lonesome nights when you both lied awake, but separated, longing to be next to the other, only made the moments you shared together so much more precious.

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